Words in Red in the book of John

The few months ago, the Lord gave me a creative idea for a devotional tool for my morning devotions.  He showed me that I could take the “words in red” only and let them speak to me.  While I do NOT recommend this as a comprehensive Bible study tool, it has been ministering to my soul like fresh rain upon dry ground.

Here’s what I do: I look at only the red words in the next passage of Scripture. If it’s one sentence, I stop there and write it down in my journal.  if it’s a group of sentences, I read the whole thought and wait until my heart grabs one or two sentences; then I write those down in my journal.  Once I have the sentence/s from the words of Jesus, I let Him speak to me directly.  Taking the words out of context, as I said, is NOT a recommended course of studying the Bible, But for me, right now, His Spirit is using this technique to speak directly into the burdens of my heart, the issues that have been crippling me, and giving me insight into many things. His words are personal for me each day and man-o-man, am I hearing Him speak so clearly!  Just one word from your mouth, Lord, and I shall be healed!

So in the blogs that I title Words In Red, that is what I am writing from.  I am taking the actual excerpts from my journal and letting you into my personal journey.  It’s humbling, but I think it might encourage you to see that you’re not the only one who struggles and that God really loves us and wants to show us every day that we are His cherished children.


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