The Bride of Christ: What does this have to do with you? (Part 1 of 3)

Under the ChuppahA number of years ago, I was asked to speak at a Retreat and the theme was “Preparing the Bride”.  Below is part of the message I shared. It came back to my heart recently and I feel that it’s a current word for us. 

When I was asked to speak for the retreat, I began by thinking about the words “Bride” and “Prepare”. I went online and tried to research how brides in other cultures prepare themselves for their wedding rituals to get some ideas.  But all that I came up were advertisements for “How to have your wedding in the Riviera” and “How to afford a lavish wedding that your guests will remember forever” – as if anyone is going to remember your wedding as long as you will! I mean, I’ve been to some amazing weddings, and I certainly don’t remember every detail that I know the bride planned for months!

But the fact that I was haphazardly searching the web worked right into God’s plan as I stumbled upon the information that completely changed my view of myself as the Bride of Christ. I began to wonder what the Jewish wedding ceremony was like and as I Googled it, I discovered YouTube videos and articles by Orthodox rabbis outlining the ancient Orthodox Jewish wedding ceremony.  I have to tell you, I just sat there and cried as scripture after scripture flooded my head and I began to see my God and my Bridegroom in a whole new way.  I was in awe when I realized that this beautiful ceremony that is over three thousand years old is a type and a shadow of the Lord’s passionate love for His Bride that began before the world was formed.

Do you know that Jesus is crazy about you? Do you really believe that He is so taken with you that He has made dramatic promises to care for you and provide for you, and do everything He can to nurture your love? And do you realize that your firm grasp on your identity as the Bride of Christ will either make or break your destiny? I am believing that when my message is complete, you are going to have a whole new perspective on Jesus as your perfect Bridegroom – whether you’re a man or a woman!

When you understand the pursuit, the provision and the passion of God for you as seen through the Jewish wedding ceremony, you are going to rise up in your identity as his Bride with authority and confidence as never before.

But before I tell you about the Orthodox Jewish wedding ceremony, I have a story to share with you. You can find it in the book of Genesis chapter 24. The story is long, so I’m going to paraphrase it.  But I suggest that you look it up and read through it yourselves tonight before you go to bed – and read it with new eyes. It is the story of how Abraham found a wife for his son, Isaac.

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Welcome to my readers from…

Pilot MountainI want to extend my warmest and most grateful welcome to my readers from all over the world! So far, I have readers from Nigeria, Rwanda, Somalia, Great Britain, Brazil, Mexico, China, India, Norway, Denmark, Canada, the Netherlands, Costa Rica, the Dominican Republic, Haiti, The European Union, Israel, Ireland, Spain, Austria, Kenya and more!

I am praying for you all and for your nations to come to Christ.  I know that many of you live in nations that are torn by war and civil unrest. Others of you live in areas of severe poverty and great need. Others of you live in comfort, but your country is oppositional to the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  You risk your reputation or your life when you stand up for your faith.

Some of you stumbled upon my blog by accident not knowing who I was or what I was going write to about.  I’m glad you did and I hope that you were touched and encouraged by what you read!

Thank you ALL for reading my blog and for allowing the Holy Spirit to speak to your hearts. I pray that my life, my trials, my vulnerability and my time with the Lord benefit you in some way.  The only way that I could be more blessed is if I could see you all face-to-face and learn who you are, what you struggle with, what your lives are like and…wait for it…what food you like to cook!!

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Thought for the Day: You can hear God speak to you. (Yes, you!)

Every now and then, my morning journaling time becomes more about what the Lord is saying to me than the other way around.  These are the times that I feel as though I have hit the bulls-eye in my devotion time.  After all, what’s more meaningful – pouring out my prayers and requests to the Lord or hearing His direction and wisdom on a matter? My words are important, and my prayers are a delight to the Lord, but when He chooses to enter my Here-and-Now and speak a word of comfort, direction or wisdom, I just can’t write fast enough! Below is one of those simple words that came while I was pressing in in prayer regarding some issues in my finances and my ministry that just weren’t budging.  I was fighting off discouragement as I looked at how many years I have prayed about some of these things. Let’s see what Jesus had to say:

“I am the God of the In-Between. I will fulfill every promise to you.  And in between the promise and its fulfillment, I will hold you and carry you. Stay close to Me. Don’t turn from My Word. Don’t turn to the left or to the right.  My promises are certain and My ways are sure and solid. I will never leave you or forsake  you. Make sure that you stay close to Me. Open your heart to Me and let’s be together. Pressure comes from you, not from Me. Peace and joy and overwhelming love come My holy presence. Surround Me with your love and it will deepen. I will take the seed and give you back a harvest.”

Now you:

  • Do you hear the Lord speak to you this way?
  • Do you believe that Jesus wants to speak to you as His child?
  • Do you know that you can hear Him speak to you?

Every child of God can hear His voice. God is no respecter of persons, the Bible says in Acts 10:34. That means that God answers the faith of whosoever.

I remember when I was first taught that I could hear God speak to me and that I could write down what He said.  When I started trying to journal what I thought I was hearing, I felt so foolish! I felt like I was making it all up! But here’s how I knew that I wasn’t making it up: As I kept practicing my ability to hear God’s voice, I began to write things down that were so correcting, aligning and freeing that I couldn’t have made it up.  The words carried such life that the more I meditated on them, the more I began to change. That could not have come inside me or else I would have been changed and found freedom long ago! Further, the words that the Lord speaks to me are always in alignment with the Word of God.  My thoughts are not always in alignment with God’s word, so that’s a big litmus test right there! And finally, the proof has been in the pudding, so to speak, in that I have grown in my ability to hear not only for myself, but for others as well.  And when I have ministered what the Lord wants me to say to other people, He has blown them (and me!) away with His accuracy and knowledge of their heart struggles.

But I had to start with the basics – getting a notebook, putting myself in the place of worship and then asking the Lord to speak about a situation or whatever He felt I needed to hear. Cool, huh?

You can hear God speak to you, too! Don’t believe the lie that you can’t!

John 10: 4-5a: When he puts forth all his own, he goes ahead of them, and the sheep follow him because they know his voice. A stranger they simply will not follow…

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Don’t Quit: Keys to ‘keeping on’ when your drive seems broken (Part 2)

Man and mountain(Part 2)

Let’s look at 2 stories from the Bible that illustrate a couple ways we learn to endure with faith rather than quit before our breakthrough.

The first story is the account of the Hebrews as they circled Jericho to conquer it (Joshua 2-6).  God had given Joshua the word that they were to conquer Jericho but the walls of the city and the fortifications were immensely intimidating.  The Israelites were outnumbered and out-gunned, so to speak. But God wasn’t asking them to fight.  He told them to simply circle the city 7 times – one circle per day. 7 is the number of perfection in the Bible, so God was telling Joshua and his people that there is a plan in the mind of God and if we follow it to its completion, we win. The problem is that we often quit before that happens!

What would the end of the story be if the Israelites had stopped marching on Day 6? Over 3 million Israelites would not have seen a miracle when the walls of Jericho melted into the desert sand like a stick of butter on a hot sidewalk. They wouldn’t have seen God fight a battle for them that they couldn’t fight on their own.  And they would not have been able to take that city as the first conquered city in the Promised land, that had been given to Abraham hundreds of years earlier.

Thank God they circled all 7 times, even though they saw no cracks in the wall by the 6th trip; even though they may have felt stupid circling a city, blowing a trumpet; even though the men who marched went home each night to their wives and had no progress to report. Thank God for their sakes and ours that they didn’t quit.

Now we can rationalize that their instructions weren’t so hard to follow because they only had to stick it out for one week.  I know, I know…some of the situations that we’re facing have been going on for years! And I get it.  I am in some of those right now.  Believe me, not seeing any movement in an area of your life for years can really make you want to throw in not just the towel, but the entire gym bag. In moments of severe discouragement, I’ve heard myself say, “Forget it! This isn’t working. I have better things to do with my time than to keep striving toward this goal that is elusive.”

But is it elusive or is it just not here yet?

Now let’s look at the life of Joseph from the Old Testament.  Joseph was the favorite son of his wealthy father. As a teenager, Joseph was given a series of dreams by God. In those dreams, he was elevated to high position and his father and brothers were bowing to him. Unfortunately, in his youthful impetuousness, he made the mistake of telling his older brothers, who were already jealous and fed-up with his pampered position, that one day they would all bow to him. And for this, they hated him even more and plotted to kill him. However, instead of killing him they sold him to Ishmaelite slave traders who were on their way to Egypt. Thus, in the prime of his life, Joseph finds himself sold into an Egyptian landowner’s house as his slave. That’s a huge step backward for this young man. Joseph worked for Potiphar for about ten years without getting any closer to the word that God gave him about being a leader with authority and power.  While he was a great manager, and that was a certain kind of authority, it was not what Joseph knew in his heart God had promised him. I’m sure he was tempted to give up on his dreams many times, because as a slave his future looked mapped out at best.

And then everything went to pieces.  He ends up in an Egyptian prison because of the lie of one woman. At this point in his life, he could not be any further from the materialization of his dream than he is sitting in that prison.  Years go by.  Not days.  Not months.  Years. Years where he makes a name for himself and becomes the manager of all of the prisoners but still remains incarcerated.  Years where he interprets the dreams of 2 prisoners and one swears he will try to help Joseph get out and then forgets about him.  Joseph had years of having to endure a trial that most of us cannot imagine. But he didn’t quit.  He didn’t give up on God or on his dream.

And because of that, he was perfectly positioned for his breakthrough when it came. If he had weaseled his way out of prison even one day earlier, he wouldn’t have been where he needed to be in order to get called upon by the Pharaoh to interpret his dream.  In that moment, Joseph went from being a prisoner to being the second highest in command in all Egypt.  God fulfilled EVERY part of Joseph’s dream because he was faithful and didn’t quit.

Now you:

  • Do you have dreams in your heart that don’t seem to be materializing right now?
  • Do you have situations that have been hard for such a long time that you are tempted to throw up your hands and quit?
  • What thought patterns do you have running below the surface that are causing you to fight against yourself when you try to endure?

If you struggle with quitting on commitments, relationships, or your own dreams for your life, you can get back up and receive grace from God to change.  I’m telling you, God can change anyone or anything. We cannot change ourselves in the deep and healed ways that bring lasting peace and consistency.  The best we are capable of doing is reforming our behavior.  But even that is exhausting. So talk to the Lord today.  Ask HIm to revive your hope, grant you strength to endure and restore your vision for His wonderful plans for your life.

Let’s pray:

Dear Heavenly Father, I thank you that when I am tempted to quit, I can ask for grace to help me in my time of need and receive the ability to stay in the game! I don’t want to quit and lose my reward.  I know that there are works You have prepared for me to do before the foundations of the world and I certainly don’t want to quit without achieving ALL that you have ordained for me to do.  If you prepared the works, I have what it takes to accomplish them.  I just need to access the grace to finish my course! So Father God, I ask for grace to be poured out on me.  I humble myself before You and confess that I can’t do this on my own.  Thank you for changing me! In Jesus’ name, Amen!

Ephesians 2:10: For we are his workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand, that we should walk in them.

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Don’t Quit: Keys to ‘keeping on’ when your drive seems broken(Part 1)

Man and mountainI have a problem with a serious urge to quit when things are unraveling.  Or when the uphill trudge just goes on and on with no end in sight.  I assume that it’s tightly braided into my perfectionism and my need for relentless improvement.  One of my core values (my default personality) drives me to constantly try to improve myself and the things I’m involved with. That’s not a bad mindset until things don’t improve – or even worse, they fall apart.  #Reality.

My perfectionist tendencies drive me to abhor making mistakes (although that doesn’t seem to inoculate me from them), and to have other people notice how flawlessly I perform my tasks. GAH! That’s nuts. And not achievable.  Because it’s not an achievable goal to always succeed, always improve, always have people remarking about how impressive my achievements are, I tend to quit – at least I really, really want to quit!

I didn’t know I had a problem with this until recently.  But looking back over the history of my life I realize that I have been this way for-EVER!  My Mom can attest to the fact that I quit tennis when I was a kid because I wasn’t the best.  In later years, I tried golf and quit because I hacked the course to pieces the first two times I played,  Because I wasn’t an instant PGA golfer, I gave it up with the excuse that I don’t have time for golf (partially true).

I have quit ministry and volunteer commitments because life got too busy and I couldn’t handle the stretch of having to fit SO much into one life. I have quit friendships because it was too much work to maintain them. I didn’t mean to quit them. It just happened because I resigned my ownership in the relationship. #MissedOpportunities

  • Do you have missed opportunities because you quit before you could cross the finish line?
  • Do you struggle with quitting?
  • Do you have regrets about things or relationships that you have quit?

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Chain Breaker: Keys to breaking free from depression and anxiety (Part 2)

Broken chains(This is Part 2 of the message, Chain Breaker: Keys to overcoming depression and anxiety. See the last post for Part 1)

  1. God’s presence is our refuge. Psalm 62: 8 and 9 says, “Patiently wait for God alone, my soul! For He is the one who gives me confidence. He alone is my protector (my high rocky summit) and deliverer. He is my refuge; I will not be upended. God delivers me and exalts me; God is my strong protector and my shelter. Trust in him at all times, you people! Pour out your hearts before Him! God is our shelter!

Years ago, when I first started pondering on this and other scriptures that talk about God being my refuge and my shelter, I would imagine myself as a tiny bird tucked away in the cleft of a huge mountain face with the wind whipping all around me.  But in my safe little spot, tucked away in secure rock, I could wait out the storm, enfolded by the mountain.  You are the most secure when you run to the Rock and hide in the security that is God’s presence.

So how do we do that? The Scripture says, “Pour out your heart in his presence.”  Look, we’re like glass to the Lord.  He sees right through us, so trying to act as though we’re all full of faith when we’re not feeling it is only going to heap shame on top of the negative emotions we’re already dealing with.

But, on the other hand, if we stay away from the Lord because our thoughts are such a mess, then we’re staying away from the only one who can right the ship.  When we’re capsized in our thinking, we under water.  We can’t get on top of it, or we would have by now.  But in the presence of the Lord, we can cry it out, let it out, get mad and even question what’s going on.  He’s not threatened by or upset by what we’re thinking because he knows what we’re made of.  And He knows He can bring alignment.

In His presence, every chain is broken. Exodus 33:14 says, “My Presence will go with you and I will give you rest.” The chains may not feel broken in the instant, and it may take a little while before you see what He has done, but faint not.  Keep coming.  Keep soaking in his presence.  Cultivate that place of refuge and shelter and you will see Him pull the chains off of your mind.

Because he is the Chain-breaker, you are free. You are no longer captive. You will see his victory over the lies of the enemy. You will hear him speak to you personally. And that leads me to my last Key which is that God’s voice is our necessity.

  1. God’s Voice is our Necessity: When I started journaling years ago as a young Christian, all of my journal entries were one-way conversations with the Lord. I poured out my concerns and prayer requests and that was pretty much it. Sometimes, I would find a Scripture that would encourage me and I would write it down. But over the last decade, I have received great teaching on hearing the voice of the Lord specifically for myself and it has revolutionized my relationship with Jesus and is shattering the bondages of depression and anxiety in my life.

So to rehearse my first two keys: we said that God’s Word is our lifeline and God’s presence is our refuge.  So with this third key, we wait upon the Lord and expect Him to speak to our soul about our soul because God’s Voice is our necessity.  It is our urgent need.  Jesus opened the way to the Father so that His children could freely approach Him in whatever condition they are in and hear His voice of loving alignment, direction, and tender affirmation. But unfortunately, many of us aren’t accessing what has been opened to us so we stay bound in shackles that the Lord wants us to walk out of.

I have a habit when things are absolutely ‘Cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs’, of asking the Lord what He has to say about the situation that I’m desperate about.  Below is part of a journal entry from one of those times. Feel free to read this as though the Lord is speaking to you. You can take my Word and apply it to whatever you’re going through:

“You are coming out. You are in the middle; this is not the end. The enemy is a liar who spews forth venom and accusations against you, against Me and against others. Love draws together, believes the best and speaks life. My love is in you but lies have thrown dirt over it.  I wash you and cleanse you.

I have compassion on your weakness and I am on your side. I fight for you and appreciate your heart turned toward Me. Keep crying out. Breakthrough is coming.

Release disappointments to Me. Arrest negative images and keep declaring My Word to create an atmosphere of faith.  Faith is not a feeling.  Faith is action. So when you choose to repent and resist and declare my Word even when your emotions contradict it, you are in faith.  Your actions speak a better word than your emotions.

You are not as your appear to yourself or even to others. Do not be afraid. My love is holding you. You will NOT be lost or rejected. I have given you a heart to seek Me and find Me which is why you are experiencing such great opposition.

You are increasing in strength. While the enemy has told you that you’re losing your mind, I say, No. He is a liar. I say, You are Mine. I have purchased you and you are holy unto the Lord. I have given you to my Son and we are one. Rest in faith that I delight in you. I see you and I know you. I created each facet of who you are. I am not surprised or appalled or angered by what I see in you. I have conquered all that would try to overcome you. You win. My life in you has overcome sin and death. Smile and laugh because you are my daughter and I am yearning for you and delighting in you.  I am not disconnected from you.  You are in my sight every minute.

I see you dancing, singing, light and free in My presence. No more sadness or heaviness.  Give thanks for your season of joy – great and lasting joy – has come.”

There is a lot in that word. It’s probably hard to catch it all, but I hope you heard a few key things:

  1. The Lord loves us and he does not see us the way we see ourselves
  2. When the Father corrects us, he gives a vision for where we are going rather than beat us up over where we’ve been
  3. He is working in us and fighting for us.  We may feel weak and under it at times, but in His presence we break out of our chains.

Because He is your Chain Breaker, you are free – you are no longer a captive.

In closing, I want to exalt the work of Jesus in order to set us on the right course.  What Jesus did for us in his life and on the cross is what makes Him our chain-breaker.  Simply telling you that Jesus is our chain breaker without supporting it with Truth doesn’t give you the power your faith needs to set you free.

When Jesus hung on the cross, he uttered three words that are the most powerful words that have ever been uttered on this planet.  Jesus cried out with his last breath, “It is Finished!”

Before Jesus even got to the cross, he took the beating of 40 lashes with whips that tore his flesh off and exposed his internal organs.  That beating paid for our complete physical and emotional healing. And on the cross, the justice that satisfied our guilt was completely fulfilled. Jesus didn’t just take on our sin – the Spotless One became our sin. So when he uttered those three words, “It is finished,” our TOTAL salvation, which is our healing AND redemption was paid for and won.

Now we can all expect to be healed from everything that is not of God. I wish I could answer why some people are healed right away and others aren’t. But I can tell you that God is the God of the In-Between. There is often a season of waiting in between the promise and the manifestation. And it’s in the waiting that we learn to grow in faith, to practice our faith and to lean into the Lord when it looks as though nothing is happening.

So while we are waiting for the complete manifestation of our healing, we are going to experience freedom by remembering that God’s Word is our lifeline, God’s presence is our refuge and God’s voice is our necessity. Because He is our Chain Breaker, we are Free – we are no longer captives. We are free now!

Now you:

  • Do you know how to access the Presence of the Lord?
  • Have you made a habit of asking the Lord to speak to you about things that concern you?
  • Do you write down what you hear in your heart? Do you have anyone who is scripturally grounded who can help you screen those words?

The Word says that the Lord is enthroned upon our praises (Psalm 22:3), and we know that worship is the atmosphere of heaven (Revelation 7:11-15), so when we worship either in song or with our words, the Lord’s presence is magnified.  While He is always with us, we need to learn to increase our awareness of His presence. Worship, praise and thanksgiving focus our attention on Him and clear our minds of worldly clutter.

I encourage you to schedule some time with the Lord, like a date with a friend.  Turn off the phone, and focus on Who He is.  As you learn to direct your thoughts to the multiple facets of God’s greatness and love, you will begin to be aware that chains are falling away that were once impossible to get free from.

Let’s pray:

Lord Jesus, this life is so busy and confusing.  I am pulled in so many directions and feel the weight of my burdens pressing down on me.  I am caught in “time” and can’t see how any of this is going to work out for my good. But I know that You are Good and that You are my Father. You promise to protect me, to deliver me from evil and to work everything out for my good. Jesus, please sustain me with your love. Pour out Your peace upon the fires in my heart.  Quell every frightful thought and release me from the  stranglehold of the enemy.  I exalt Your victory over every bondage of the enemy and your victory in me.  In Christ, I am free! There is freedom laying all my worries at your feet.  Your peace won’t let me go! In Jesus’ name I pray, Amen.

Chain Breaker: Keys to breaking free from depression and anxiety (Part 1)

Broken chainsI suffer from depression and anxiety.  And ADD.  I was blessed with the trifecta of toilet bowl thinking.  It’s only been recently that I have put two and two together and allowed the cumulative history of my life to tell its story.  But now, at 51, I have more life behind me than in front of me, and I can see that I have wrestled with these debilitating brain shackles all my life.

I remember that when I was in elementary school, I would be physically sick every morning due to the anxiety of going to school.  My mother called the doctor who gave her some advice about giving me juice or something, but I vividly recall the nausea that would hit the moment I woke up and realized I had to go to school.  Anxiety affected how I made friends and how I handled day to day challenges.  For the most part, I was fairly popular, but inside I was wracked with self-doubt and fear.

I also remember periods of time where I felt really blue.  I thought everyone felt that way.  I didn’t know what depression was.

And I also struggled with ADD, which back in the 70’s and 80’s wasn’t even a recognized handicap.  All I knew is that I even though I managed to get decent grades, I studied 5 times harder for 80% of the good grades that my two best friends got with half their brains tied behind their backs.

In high-school, my depression & anxiety combo really bound me up and between those two emotional challenges and the inability to stay focused, my grades tanked.  My brain was so full of depression and self-loathing that I fell into really negative behaviors trying to escape my sadness and of course, as we all know, all that did was exacerbate the anxiety.  I was scared to live because every day I took a breath, I managed to make worse than the one before. I had many bouts of suicidal thinking – although I never attempted to take my life.  That’s the condition I was in when I met Jesus.

I was 18 years old when I became a Christian and I thought that all of my anxiety and depression would magically go away now that I was going to live a clean life. The logic was: No more sin = No more fear.  No more screw-ups = No more sadness. But it didn’t quite out work that way.

Over the years since my decision to follow Jesus, I have studied the Word like it’s my job.  I love the Bible and nothing gets me more excited than getting to know Jesus and studying the Word. And I love to worship the Lord. In that place of awe and reverence, things come into alignment. And I have been faithful in church since I was 18.  I’m not a flighty person. I’m loyal and dedicated and I love the Lord. But even with all of that going for me, it still hasn’t been enough to stop the tsunami of sadness that comes over me at times.  Or the anxiety that gives me chest pressure and heart palpitations at times.

In all fairness, my adult life has been marked by a lot of losses and some really intense crises that would make anyone sad and anxious. So I never thought that depression and anxiety were something I suffered from.

But recently, I have encountered the perfect storm.  As I said, I am 51 so I am entering that marvelous time of life when the youth factories start shutting down.  Not only can that wreak havoc with your hormones and your emotions, but being at this mid-life age causes a lot of retrospective thinking.  “Why hasn’t A, B, or C worked out yet? I thought I would be further along than this by this age.  When are my opportunities going to materialize? Did I miss God? Am I out of his will?”

And then come the crazy thoughts: “Am I even saved?”

If you don’t suffer from any form of depression, you cannot fathom how crazy toilet bowl thinking can hijack you and sideline you.  But take it from me, when you’re sliding down the slippery slope of negativity without crampons, it is way too easy to lose your grip on reality and on what the Word says.

Depression and anxiety are slave drivers.  But one thing I know: Because Jesus is my chain breaker, I am free. I am no longer a captive.  When Jesus burst up out of the grave and blew the door off his tomb, he displayed the finished work that brought us up out of captivity with Him. He put the keys of the Kingdom in our hands. Those keys carry the same authority that Jesus exerted when he walked the earth and brought freedom to every person bound by any sickness or torment. And today, I plan on taking the set of keys he gave to me and placing them in the lock of your prison door.  Because of what he is doing in me, I refuse to let you sit in depression alone. You are not alone. You are not forsaken. You are not shameful. He has not given up on you. You are precious to Him.  Jesus is attracted to brokenness and He has come to set every captive free. Because he is your chain-breaker, you are free. You are no longer a captive.

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