Facebook Fail

Facebook-logo-png-2.pngI have a love-hate relationship with Facebook.

I love the way I feel connected on some level with so many people who otherwise would fade into oblivion in my life if it weren’t for their posts.

I LOVE Facebook on my birthday. I’m a HUGE birthday person and the fact that as an adult my birthday has become a non-issue really tweaks me.  So when I can check Facebook throughout the day and see so many people wish me Happy Birthday, I feel incredibly loved in a way that I never felt prior to social media.

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Words in Red: John 5:34-35 -Freedom from the approval trap

John 5:34-35: Not that I accept human testimony…John was a lamp that burned and gave you light and you chose for a time to enjoy the light.” (Italics mine)

Lord Jesus, help me not to live for human applause, acceptance or affirmation.  Help me to root my feelings of acceptance and affirmation in You.  But to do that, I realize that I need to hear you clearly as You affirm me in love.

If I can hear the God Who is over all creation telling me that He loves me and is pleased with me, I know my heart will be steady and satiated.

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