Composting our past: Turning our memories into nutrients for today

GardenI learn a lot of lessons from my garden.  I don’t know why it speaks to me so much, but the Lord uses nature and my garden to teach me some pretty profound concepts.

This past month, the lesson involved my compost pile.

Almost a year ago, after much cajoling, my husband, created a compost pile for me on the edge of our property. He asked me why I was so determined to have a compost pile.  I told him that since our garbage disposal had backed up twice requiring some pretty intense yard work to unclog the pipe, we could no longer throw a lot of our scraps down the drain.  So I came up with the compost idea as a solution that would benefit two areas: 1) We no longer had to throw our biodegradable, compostable items in the trash, which would decrease the smell and 2) I would get super rich compost mix to combine with my garden soil every Spring.

So now, every day, John and I take any food item that is compostable and put it in a covered compost bucket on our counter.  After 2-3 days, John goes out to the pile to dump our latest offering.  Every month or so, John goes out to “turn over” the compost so that the nutrients and the really “good stuff” on the bottom can work on the newer compost items that we just added.

I’m sure you probably didn’t open the blog today to read about composting, but you’re going to get a quick lesson, nonetheless.

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