The Voting Booth: Our heart reveals who and what we place our trust in


One month ago, I entered a voting booth and closed the curtain behind me to cast my vote for the next president of our country.  I took my pen, found the name I was looking for and colored in a little circle.  My single vote was cast in the privacy of that booth. As I placed my ballot face down in the ballot counting machine, I trusted that my choice would be recorded.

Our heart is like that voting booth: Every day, we have choices about what we believe and who we put our trust in.  Back in the Garden of Eden, God gave Adam and Eve a choice.  He put a tree in the garden that was forbidden. Some may ask, “Why would God put that tree there if He knew that Adam and Eve’s free will would cause Humanity’s train wreck?”

The answer is simple: Without choice, there is no relationship.  If my husband was hardwired to love me and do everything I wanted and needed like a robot, I wouldn’t feel loved and cherished. (I can hear some women saying, Are you kidding?? That sounds amazing!)  My husband loves me and serves me out of his free will and because he chooses to, I am deeply blessed by his love.  He could choose to put himself first.  He could choose to put his needs first.  He could choose to put his ambitions and hobbies first.  But he consistently shows me by his words and actions that he puts me first, to the best of his ability.  And as a result, I feel deeply loved and cherished. Why would God the Father be any different? He doesn’t want robots; He wants children. So there must always be a choice – a vote.

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