Get Hungry or You’ll Starve to Death

Not hungry

I felt guilty that I wasn’t hungry.  My husband and I had taken separate cars to church as we had commitments at different times.  He left for home before me and began preparing a lovely lunch.  He knew I was famished, because half-way through the sermon my stomach growled and I was outed!

I left the parking lot soon after John, but didn’t go right home as I had an errand to do first.  I stopped to purchase more of the olive oil and balsamic vinegar that we like to get from this amazing Italian market that sells specialty Italian food items.  When I walked in, they were just taking a fresh tomato and basil flatbread out of the pizza oven and I caved.  Even though I knew that John was at home working on lunch for us, I couldn’t wait.  I had allowed my hunger to go too long unattended; so when temptation came across my path, my resistance ran out the door like a burglar!

And that’s why I felt guilty that I wasn’t hungry when I finally got home.  Did I come clean about my “appetizer”?  Nope!  I ate every bite of what John prepared.  But it didn’t taste as good as it would have if I was still hungry.  And my stomach actually felt uncomfortable eating that much food after the two pieces of pizza I previously ate!

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