Fruit that Remains: Excerpts from my journals that nourished me and might encourage you, too!


Fruit That Remains: Lessons from my journals. These are excerpts from my journals over the years. Some are more current than others. I love going back into my journals because I always get refreshed and re-learn the lessons that the Lord has taught me and that I have faithfully scribed.


I can’t take it anymore! I’m so overwhelmed I feel like I’m going to have a breakdown!

Have you every felt like that? I have – many times! On one such occasion, I had been trying to make everything work in my own strength but I was in a season where there were too many demands and not enough of me to go around.  I had too much on my plate and plainly needed a clone of myself to get all of my work done, let alone things at home and in ministry. It was just TOO MUCH. So I brought my anxiety to the Lord.

1 Peter 5:7 – Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you.

So in this instance, here is how the conversation went down in my journal:

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Super Bowl 51: A lesson in endurance


So our New England Patriots football team have won the Super Bowl — again.  For the fifth time. This team and its quarterback have broken records and performed almost heroically in a sport that has been taking a beating in the media over the last couple years.

But at the end of the day, we Americans love our football and in New England, we LOVE our Patriots and our quarterback, Tom Brady. And even though many of us, like myself, have been fans before it was cool to be a Pats fan, for the last decade and a half we have had a very good reason to faithfully trust that our Patriots will win, and win big.  They have been to 7 Super Bowls and won 5 of those matches.  So in 16 years, Tom Brady has led his team to almost half of the Super Bowls and they have won 71% of the time.

Let’s look at just a few of the records and stats from the game last Sunday:

  • Brady has the most Super Bowl rings of any quarterback ever.
  • He now has the most MVP titles for games and for seasons of any QB as well.
  • No team has ever come back from greater than a 10 point deficit in a Super Bowl game and the Pats came back from a 28 point deficit to win last Sunday.
  • There has never been an overtime in the Super Bowl. But in twelve minutes of play, the Patriots sent this 51st Super Bowl into the first overtime in Bowl history.

So am I blogging about the Patriots because I’m a huge fan? Not completely, because there are far more capable writers who could do a much better job breaking down all of the plays, all of the stats and all of the reasons why the Patriots, Tom Brady and Coach Bill Belichick are the best ever. But the day after the stupendous win,  I woke up and was in awe about this game and knew I had t write about it because it impacted me.

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Keep Your Eyes on the Horizon

photo-HorizonMy mother tells a story of when I was about three years old on our sailboat.  I used to get so horribly sea sick that my father took some rope, poked holes in either side of a bucket and tied that bucket around my neck so that I could just let it rip, if you catch my drift.  One day, someone asked me if I was having fun. Apparently, I lifted my little blond head, wanly smiled and said, “Yes!”  That’s an amazingly positive comment considering the fact that all the while my stomach was churning and I vomited involuntarily into the bucket for hours!

As the years went on, the sea-sickness didn’t improve very much.  I recall spending the first two days of our cruises severely under the influence of Marazine or Dramamine.  I would occasionally wake up from a half-comatose “nap” on the deck with saliva dripping out of my mouth, my face completely adhered to the deck cushion, and realizing that half the day was gone and we were pulling into some harbor.  Back in those days, my father used to tell me his secret for not getting seasick.  He told me to look at the horizon.  He said that the horizon didn’t move. So while the boat was rocking under power of the waves, if I kept my eyes on the horizon, I wouldn’t feel like I was rocking so much.  He told me to stand in the middle of the cockpit, allow my legs to act like shock-absorbers and then focus my gaze on the line at the edge of the world.

It worked – especially after those first two days were over.

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