Live Long – Live Strong: Keys to anti-aging and feeling great at every age

Kickboxing with LuAn

Photo taken by Amy Caramihalis

I have been asked by a few people to occasionally blog about fitness.  I think I have shied away from this topic because I have no formal education in physical fitness and there are SO many blogs and articles on health and fitness that I assumed people would rather read those.  But the requests keep coming, so I guess some of my readers will benefit from the minute amount of knowledge I have on the subject of eating for anti-aging and working out for health and vitality.

Why is a healthy lifestyle, nutrition for anti-aging and exercise so important to me? I have found that my physical stamina, emotional well-being and appearance are all drastically impacted by the habits that I have formed over the years.  My schedule on most days is the following:

  • 4:30AM: Wake up, get coffee, spend time in the Word of God, journaling, praying, etc.
  • 5:40AM: Change into workout clothes, get ready for the gym
  • 6:00AM: Workout classes start, or I workout at home
  • 7:00AM: Make breakfast
  • 7:15AM: Get ready for work

The gym that my husband and I go to is small and the classes are relatively intimate compared to other gyms in our area.  We love this because we have become part of a community that has the same goals that we do.  Most of us are working professionals ranging in age from early 20’s to late 60’s!  We encourage each other, we notice when someone has gone “missing”, we grieve with each other and celebrate each other’s accomplishments – even those outside of the gym.  This community makes working out fun and keeps us coming back.  It provides accountability and friendship.

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