When the Water is Bitter: How to come through bitter experiences with peace and purpose

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I don’t like going to the dentist.  I don’t like the picking and the scraping. And God forbid that there be any drilling! Although I have had a fairly stellar record at the dentist, even the cleanings give me the willies! So when my hygienist wanted to do a deep cleaning at my last visit, she put some liquid Novocain on my gums.  She told me it would taste bitter and boy-oh-boy, she wasn’t kidding! That liquid ran down the back of my tongue and not only tasted terrible, but numbed my throat more effectively than the gums she was working on!

Our lives are full of experiences that are bitter, don’t you think? Some of the experiences are slightly bitter, like liquid Novocain, and are quickly recovered from.

But other experiences leave such a residual bad taste in our mouths that we can’t stop thinking about them.  We ponder the Why, the How, and the What of the situation.  We talk about the problem; we think about the problem; we pray about the problem.  But real, authentic bitterness is more like a soul tattoo than like Novocain that wears off.  It’s going to take a purposeful procedure to get that removed.

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